Presentations at conferences and workshops

  • G. Benato, CUPID: a next generation bolometric neutrinoless double beta decay experiment
    TIPP 2021 Slides
  • S. Pagan, Projected Backgrounds and Mitigation Techniques for the CUPID Experiment
    APS-DNP 2020 Fall Meeting Slides
  • D. Speller, Status and outlook of the CUORE and CUPID experimental calorimetry programs: an overview
    SnowMass mini-workshop: 0νββ experiment Slides
  • T. O'Donnell, CUORE results and the CUPID project
    Neutrino 2020, SlidesVideo
  • G. Benato, New results from CUORE and prospects for CUPID
    Conference on Neutrino and Nuclear Physics 2020, SlidesVideo


  • G. Benato, Waiting for neutrinoless double beta decay with cryogenic calorimeters
    INPA Seminar @ LBL, April 2019 Link
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